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I just don’t blog about Sailor Moon, feminism and anime fandom–I speak about it too! I absolutely love creating presentations on these topics and I’m more than happy to channel this passion into the perfect Powerpoint/Keynote presentation. I’m comfortable commenting on the following topic areas:

  • Sailor Moon
  • Feminism
  • Living and working in Japan as an English teacher
  • Anime fandom since 1995

If your programming needs a feminist/moonie/lady perspective, drop me a line at shojo (dot) power (at) gmail (dot) com.

Here’s a list of panels that I’ve already created and presented. More are on the way!

Japanese Feminism 101





Today feminist critique of anime is all over social media. However, what about feminism in Japan? This panel introduces key women in Japanese feminist history such as Raichō Hiratsuka, Beate Sirota Gordon, as well as artists such as Machiko Hasegawa and Rokudenashiko.

Presented at:

Anime NYC 2017

St. John’s University, Otaku Brigade, April 2018

Gaijin Girl: Life in Japan

Anne Lee uses a pointer to point at a screen behind her with the words Gaijin Girl

What happens when a 20-something otaku meets the real Japan? Meet Anne Lee who decided to live and work in Japan after graduating college. From becoming a hair model to learning the secret arts of the ninja—Anne provides insights into the culture that produces our beloved anime.

Presented at:

Anime Boston 2015

Otakon 2010

Youmacon 2008

Sailor Moon & Feminism

A young white woman sits at a table with a mic with a big screen next to her with the words Sailor Moon & Feminism

It’s no secret that Sailor Moon is all about “girl power”–but just how much does this beloved anime measure up to feminist ideals? This panel looks how Sailor Moon deals with female empowerment, LGBTQ issues, body image and more!

Presented at:

Anime Boston 2015

Senshi Matsuri 2013