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Shojo Power! on Manga Machinations Podcast

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So I don’t get to listen to podcasts as much as I used to, and I have a list a mile long to dive into, BUT a lovely little podcast that I’ve enjoyed listening to invited me onto their show! That podcast is Manga Machinations, a podcast that focuses on more obscure and unknown manga. Obviously Sailor Moon is not obscure, but I had the opportunity to discuss important Japanese feminists which hasn’t quite hit the mainstream yet. LOL.

The podcast features dakazu, darfox8, seamus and Morgana. In addition to being lovely people, each brings their own unique experience and background to the podcast. dakazu lives in Hawaii and seamus lives in Ireland which makes it a podcast that literally spans the globe! Please enjoy!

Time stamps courtesy of Manga Machinations:

  • 00:00:00 -Intro Song: “Sailor Star Song” by Kae Hanazawa from Sailor Moon Sailor Stars, Opening, Introductions, Social Media
  • 00:03:06 – Learning about Anne’s origins in anime/manga fandom
  • 00:07:59 – Anne gives us her hot take on Sailor Moon Crystal
  • 00:10:14 – Anne explains how volunteering for an ESL class in college led her to teach English in Japan
  • 00:14:10 – After giving a panel about Sailor Moon and feminism Anne decided to create her blog Shojo Power!
  • 00:16:12 – Anne tells us about Takarazuka Revue and the various Sailor Moon musicals
  • 00:23:26 – We discuss why manga musicals aren’t made available for the International market
  • 00:26:23 – Anne shares her experience seeing the 2019 Sailor Moon Musical in New York
  • 00:30:31 – Morgana tell Anne about what manga she recommended to girls while working at Comicopia
  • 00:34:41 – dakazu asks Anne about her thoughts on problematic elements in Japanese manga & anime such as lolicon
  • 00:44:28 – dakazu is concerned about the ramifications of Japanese brothels that cater to train molestation fantasies
  • 00:50:09 – Anne shares her thoughts on the perception that Sailor Guardians are sexy
  • 00:58:04– Anne points out the existence of the Sailor Moon branded condom
  • 00:59:18 – Anne gives some thoughts about why Sailor Moon is finally getting a digital release
  • 01:01:58 – Anne gives her recommendation on how to get into Sailor Moon for the first time
  • 01:05:42 – Next Episode Preview and Rundown: New Chapter Check-in, dakazu and Darfox will be going full spoilers with the newest chapters of their favorite manga series
  • 01:06:41 – Main Segment Sailor Moon Translations & Taisho Era Feminists, Transition Song: “Rashiku Ikimasho” by Miyuki Kajitani from Sailor Moon SuperS, We discuss translations and learn about feminists from the Taisho Era of Japan
  • 01:07:34 -Anne explains the various translation the Sailor Moon manga has gone through
  • 01:10:48 – Anne asks the hosts for their preferences on translating sound effects and onomatopoeias
  • 01:20:24 – We discuss the use of honorifics in English translations
  • 01:23:50 – Morgana hated renaming characters with English names in Yo-kai Watch
    01:29:26 – Darfox brings up the different character names used in the Spanish dub of Sailor Moon
    01:32:58 – Darfox comments on how hilarious Minako was in the 90′s anime
  • 01:35:13 – Searching for Japanese feminism led Anne to learn about Raicho Hiratsuku
  • 01:43:17 – We discuss the relevance of Raicho’s motivations for women’s rights with the current discourse about no female editors working at Weekly Shonen Jump
  • 01:48:44 – Anne shares a story about Beate Sirota Gordon writing the women’s rights section of the new Japanese constitution in 1946
  • 01:56:07 – Anne shares a list of books about Japanese feminism
  • 01:59:00 – We thank Anne for joining us, Next Week’s Topic: New Chapter Check-in, Social Media Rundown, Sign Off Song: “wish men” by sunbrain from Beet the Vandel Buster

You can follow Manga Machinations on Twitter and Tumblr.

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