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Senshi Matsuri Panel Series

My mom was unable attend my panel at Senshi Matsuri so I wanted to offer her the next best thing–a series of posts based off of my powerpoint presentation. I realize I don’t have a post based on my “What is Feminism?” slide, but I suppose this post will have to do. Anywho, for your convenience (and your mother’s!), Sailor Moon & Feminism 2013:

1. Does Sailor Moon Pass the Bechdel Test?

2. LGBT Representation in Sailor Moon: Heroes Edition

3. LGBT Representation in Sailor Moon: Villains Edition

4. Sailor Moon Says: Treat Trans People with Dignity!

5. Does Sailor Moon Promote Fat Hatred?

6. Body Image in Sailor Moon: Skin Tone Edition

7. Sexiness as Evil in Sailor Moon

8. Sailor Moon Says: Stop Victim Blaming!

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