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Moon Pride: Finding Sailor Moon in Japan

After my last trip to Japan in 2013, I detailed all the fun I had finding all the new Sailor Moon merch in this post. Two years later, with two musicals and Sailor Moon Crystal under our belts, what was it like for a Moonie visiting Japan? Still gobs of fun, but different as well!

This time around, I didn’t just bring myself to the Sailor Moon merch, but I brought the Sailor Moon merch to Japan! I decide to carry around my Sailor Moon drawbag which surprised many Japanese people. I overheard several surprised whispers, “Sailor Moon!” and in one case, one woman in Nara asked me if I liked Sailor Moon. I also brought along my Sailor Moon dress from Hot Topic and wore it the day of the musical. The barista at Starbucks thought it was cute!

A young white woman does the peace sign while her starbucks cup reads "Thank you so cute!!"

But I suppose I’m getting a bit ahead of myself. Before the musical arrived, there were many other adventures to be had! One of the first stops was the pop up store at Tokyu Hands in Shibuya.

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Anne’s Sailor Moon Themed Bachelorette Party!

A dude chibi in a tux and a girl chibi dressed as princess serenity stand holding hands with a swirly gold border

Save the Date Chibi by sakkysa on DeviantArt

This past February, yours truly, Anne Lee, got engaged! Woohoo! And you know what comes before marriage? A Sailor Moon themed bachelorette party!

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Sailor Moon Crystal Review Part 2

The transformation sequence podcast logo with three anime faces. In hiragana, it says sukeri runa

I’m back with the Transformation Sequence team talking about Sailor Moon Crystal! In this episode, we cover the second arc where the Black Moon Clan comes from the future to destroy both the past and the future. If you are a fan of the 90s anime and hated Chibiusa/Rini, you should definitely check out our review!


Sailor Moon Crystal Review Part 1

The transformation sequence podcast logo with three anime faces. In hiragana, it says sukeri runa

The lovely team at Transformation Sequence invited me on their way cool podcast again to review Sailor Moon Crystal. I haven’t really done any episode reviews on here–Crystal tries to get through so much plot, it’s hard to say any of substance apart from the plot itself for each episode. That said, in this podcast we review the whole Dark Kingdom arc. So for episode recap lovers, here you go!

You can also subscribe to Transformation Sequence via iTunes or listen to more reviews on their website.


Un Nouveau Voyage: A Sailor Moon Musical Review

Banner with cosmic brooch and Sailor Moon's arm. Text reads five senshi graduate. Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Un Nouveau Voyage

In 2013, I had the opportunity of a lifetime to see the first production of the new Sailor Moon musicals, La Reconquista. Two years later, with the stars aligned, I was able to travel back to Japan to see the third musical, Un Nouveau Voyage, which is based on my favorite season, Sailor Moon S. This adventure was super special because I was able to come with my fiancé and brothers to Japan for the first time. It was amazing!


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Happy 2nd Birthday Shojo Power!

Eternal Sailor Moon happily eats a chocolate cake (90s anime)

On July 7th 2015, Shojo Power! celebrated its 2nd birthday. Wooohooo! This past year was full of conventions, posts and more exciting adventures. Onto the statistics!

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A brainwashed Tuxedo Mask holds Black Lady in his arms

Sailor Moon fans have eagerly anticipated the appearance of Black Lady, the villianess version of Chibiusa, in Sailor Moon Crystal. She has finally arrived in all her evil glory and yet many fans have gotten more than what they bargained for–Black Lady passionately kisses the younger version of her father, Tuxedo Mask, not once, but twice. While some fans have reacted to these cringeworthy scenes with disgust, others have tried to poke fun of Chibiusa’s “Electra Complex.” But what is an “Electra Complex” exactly? Does it even exist? And does Chibiusa really have one?

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Shojo Power! on Transformation Sequence Podcast!

The transformation sequence podcast logo with three anime faces. In hiragana, it says sukeri runa

Recently, I had the great pleasure to be interviewed on the podcast Transformation Sequence. Kym and Vince were amazing hosts! We covered a bunch of topics such as growing up in the 90s, Sailor Moon & feminism, Japanese culture and even my thoughts on Kill La Kill! Vince also managed to suss out who my favorite sailor guardian is….

Check it out!

You can also listen via iTunes and on their website.


Is Sailor Chibi Moon Too Sexualized?

Sailor Chibi Moon jumps with her hands in the ok sign

When I tell other Moonies I run a feminist Sailor Moon website, often times the very next question is: “What are your thoughts about the sexualization of Sailor Chibi Moon?” At first, I was taken aback. I never thought of Chibi Moon as particularly sexualized. I ask what they mean and they tell me, “Well, she has breasts in the manga.” Meaning, Chibiusa is too young to have breasts.

I don’t think Chibiusa is too young to have breasts. And that’s not just a personal opinion; there’s an reason within the story itself as to why Chibiusa/Sailor Chibi Moon is drawn with breasts–and it’s a reason that might not be obvious to Westerners.

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Last Boat to Yokohama: A Feminist Book Review

14 year old Beate Sirota Gordon wear a kimono while sitting in front of a painting of her father

In 2013, when it was announced that Beate Sirota Gordon, contributor to the Japanese Constitution, had passed away, there was scant information available about this singular woman’s life. I detailed my struggle getting my hands the English translation of her memoir in this post. But now, I’m excited to report, there’s not just one book on Beate Sirota Gordon, now there’s two! TWO! (I’m not even being sarcastic!) Publishing this month, we have a biography written by Nassrine Azimi and Michel Wasserman. As someone who devoured Beate’s memoir, I was eager to see what new information this book reveals.

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