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In the foreground is Motoko's profile and in the background is the puppet master's blonde haired, blue eyed face.

Next month, the American adaption of Ghost in the Shell will arrive in theaters. There has been much chatter surrounding the casting of Scarlet Johansson as Major Motoko Kusanagi (I would have prefered Rinko Kikuchi myself.) I expect there will be more to say after its release.

I first saw the 1995 animated film Ghost in the Shell in 2004 when its sequel Ghost in the Shell: Innocence was released. I absolutely loved the original film; I’m a total sucker for philosophical discussions on the nature of reality. However, it’s been over ten years since I first watched it so I figure I better revisit it so I can tell you how this new film has screwed it up.

It turns out that the original Ghost in the Shell has a lot more to say about nationality, race and identity than I expected.

[Warning: Contains Spoilers for the 1995 film]

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Fight Like a Girl! Sailor Moon at the Women’s March

On January 21st 2017, people around the world, on all seven continents, protested the inauguration of the 45th president of the United States, President Trump. This protest was called the Women’s March, a march that began organizing just after the election. I had heard about it through Facebook, but I thought it would be a relatively small protest considering it would occur in the middle of winter. However, on the morning of the 21st, as the images started to come in on social media and on the news, it became clear very quickly that this was no ordinary protest. I hastily threw on my Sailor Moon cosplay and off I went to the protest in New York City.

Of course, Sailor Moon is no stranger to activism. And I wasn’t the only one who used Sailor Moon as inspiration!

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See You Space Princess: A Carrie Fisher Tribute

close up of princess leia taking off her hood

I became familiar with Star Wars in the late 1980s. I was born in 1984 and the original trilogy finished in 1983. By the late 1980s, the trilogy would air on tv on lazy Sunday mornings; my Dad would turn it on. At first I thought the movies were boring, but as I got older, I was entranced.

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What is Obscenity? A Feminist Book Review

A book with a bright blue cover with a cute vagina mascot

What is Obscenity? The Story of a Good for Nothing Artist and her Pussy tells the story of vagina artist, Rokudenashiko, who was arrested in 2014 for “distributing obscene materials.” What were the obscene materials? Art made from the artist’s own vagina. The arrest made headlines around the world.

Like many people, I was following this case intently. I thought I knew everything about it. However, upon reading What is Obscenity?, it’s apparent that the media only skimmed the surface. The news left out so many interesting (and depressing) details about what exactly happened.

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Anne’s Fabulous Sailor Moon-Themed Wedding!

a gold tiara with a red jewel sitting on a red velvet pillow

Neo Queen Serenity handmade crown by seralune on DeviantArt

In December 2014, Sailor Moon fan extraordinare Chubby Bunny shared photos from her epic art deco Sailor Moon inspired wedding. Like many Moonies around the world, I was absolutely floored by what she pulled off. I started to secretly plot my own Sailor Moon inspired wedding! In February 2015, my wonderful boyfriend proposed and I was off to the races!

[Warning: This post is looooong!]

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Happy 3rd Birthday Shojo Power!

Sailor Moon Winking with the phrase "In the name of the moon, Happy Birthday!"

This month Shojo Power! celebrated it’s third birthday. This year flew by so fast! It’s been busy for me personally and professionally this year, but there were still Sailor Moon blog posts to be had! Onto the stats!

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Sailor Moon Classic Review Part 2

The transformation sequence podcast logo with three anime faces. In hiragana, it says sukeri runa

Ask and you shall receive! Here’s part 2 of our review of the first season of Sailor Moon. Listen to Vince gush about his love for Sailor Jupiter, find out who Kym’s Queen is and enjoy Vince and Anne argue about who is the prettiest youma!

Featured in this episode:

You can stream the waaaay awesome Sailor Moon fandub I mention in this podcast here:

Episode 45: Part 1 | Part 2

Episode 46: Part 1 | Part 2


Sailor Moon Classic Review Part 1

The transformation sequence podcast logo with three anime faces. In hiragana, it says sukeri runa

Ask and you shall receive! After receiving feedback from a fan saying they would loooooove to hear me sit down with the Transformation Sequence Podcast crew to discuss Sailor Moon Classic, we jumped at the chance! Like many anime fans that grew up in the 90s, the 90s version of Sailor Moon was the anime gateway for Kym, Vince and myself. Listen as we geek out over our favorite anime–and discover exactly how many times Naru/Molly got kidnapped!

Featured in this podcast:

You can follow the DIC Luna VA, Jill Frappier, on Twitter @JillsObjets and check out her way cool pottery on her website, Jill’s Objets.

You can also subscribe to Transformation Sequence via iTunes or listen to more reviews on their website.



A screenshot of the Sailor V video game. Sailor V blocks fire from a dragon.

Video games have always been a part of the Sailor Moon universe. The sailor guardians’ headquarters is located beneath the local arcade and the guardians regularly play video games to improve their fighting skills. However, the Sailor Moon universe also takes on the darker side of video games–the one where girls aren’t welcomed. This dark side is featured in the prequel manga to Sailor Moon, Codename: Sailor V.

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Thoughts on Season Three of Sailor Moon Crystal

The transformation sequence podcast logo with three anime faces. In hiragana, it says sukeri runa

Vince and I are back again talking about Sailor Moon Crystal! (We just can’t quit it!) In this Fan Service! podcast, we discuss our thoughts on the upcoming season of Sailor Moon Crystal which will cover the Infinity arc from the manga. We discuss the recently released key images, the new voice actresses, the new animation staff and what we most like to see in this arc.

Sailor Moon Crystal Season 3 will start airing on Japanese TV in April 2016 (just a month or so away!) and fans in Tokyo will be seeing a special preview of the first episode on March 6th (just a few days away!). In the meantime, enjoy our podcast!