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Volume 10: Eternity 10 – Infinite

Top Ten List Books 1 - 10

Books 1 – 10, Drawing “#1″ Best 10

  • Favorite Character -> Probably Bunny [Editor’s Note: She means Usagi]
  • Fastest Character to Draw ->Artemis (Tried drawing him just now, 5 seconds)
  • Favorite Scene -> Book 1, Page 156 (But there are lots of other too)
  • Favorite Scene in the Anime ->Episode 34, When Sailor Moon turns into the Princess. I cried. I loved how the transformation was a little sexy.
  • Thing I worry about in writing -> The Keywords
  • Thing I was surprised about -> That people think I draw the anime too. (Everyone! Toei Pictures is doing the anime!!)
  • CD that I listen to -> Frankie Knuckles, “Beyond the Mix”
  • Rare goods -> A telephone card that my Ikuko Mama made with my picture
  • Favorite moment right now -> When the trees rustle as I park the car and get out. It’s then that I really feel I’m on this Earth where the wind is blowing.
  • Thing I want to do right now -> I want to read a book!
  • Things I need for my work <3 Best 10
    • 1) Evening scenery
    • 2) Sleep
    • 3) A short break
    • 4) bookstore
    • 5) mint tea
    • 6) good food
    • 7) a Sailor Moon mechanical pencil
    • 8) bicycle couriers
    • 9) all my assistants <3 (Thanks everyone!)
    • 10) my editor Osabu
    • (Bonus) Paper, pen, erasers, screen tone and white out <3
Volume 1, Page 156

Volume 1, Page 156

A top ten list of bad shocks

The Ten Best Bad Shocks

1) Learning my drawing was bad…sniff

2) Learning there is a limit to expression…sniff

3) Being only able to draw Sailor Moon once a month (Nakayoshi is a monthly magazine I wanted to draw more often.)

4) Raye’s [Editor’s Note: Rei] personality being different in the anime and the manga. (It’s still a bit of a regret for me. But, as people like both versions of Raye, I’m happy. <3)

5) Not being able to keep the manga and anime having the same story. (Even though I know it’s impossible, I still regret it.)

6) Not being able to collect all of the Sailor Moon goods. (There’s just too many of them.)

7) Not being able to go out. (I want to play!)

8) That I’ve come to hate the telephone.

9) That my favorite brand of clothes isn’t imported to Japan any more. (Clothes by the French designer Frank Sorbielle, sob sob.)

10) That I’ve learned the meaning of “time.” (That there is a limit to it, that it passes so quickly, that it can’t be avoided. sob sob.)

A top ten list of presents Naoko received

Top Ten Best News of Sailor Moon

The 10 Best Big News of Sailor Moon

1) Being animated. (I’m so happy to see the anime each week.)

2) Being made into a movie and a musical.

3) Being made into a video game. (There’s even an arcade game!! I’m so happy. <3)

4) Receiving so many fan letters. (Thank you so much everyone. <3)

5) Sailor Moon spreading out in the world. (Recently the manga has been released in French. Apparently, it’s going to be released in America soon too.)

6) Winning the Kodansha manga prize. (It seems too good to be true. I always dreamed of it.)

7) Having lots of interviews. (I like interviews. <3)

8) Having lots of dolls made for me. (I love dolls.)

9) Having an illustration book published. (It’s a beautiful illustration book have you seen it everyone?)

10) Would you believe that with the 10th book of Sailor Moon, I now have 20 books published?! It’s wonderful!

(Bonus) This year, spring ’95, Sailor Moon had an internet home page set up. This could be a big scoop! There’s a corner for me too! I want to surf the internet.

Naoko describing how the author of Ah! My Goddess visited her.

Super Sailor Moon and Super Sailor Chibi Moon drawn by Ikuko Itoh