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Happy 6th Birthday Shōjo Power!

sailor moon drops human luna

It’s that time of year again! Every July Shojo Power! celebrates its birthday. Since it’s our 6th birthday, onto the Top 6 stats!

Top 6 Posts that Published This Past Year

  1. The Real Trans Rep in Sailor Moon
  2. The Real Life Princess Kaguya: Dr. Chiaki Mukai
  3. The Greatest Attack Name of All Time: Star Gentle Uterus
  4. Gender & Passion in Claudine: Manga Review
  5. Shojo Power! Podcast Episode 2 Slim City
  6. Shojo Power! Podcast Episode 3 Sailor Mercury

Top 6 All-Time Posts This Year

  1. Beautiful Like You: Black Lady’s Uncomfortable Electra Complex
  2. The Top Ten Most Epic Deaths in Sailor Moon
  3. Is Sailor Chibi Moon Too Sexualized?
  4. Anne’s Fabulous Sailor Moon-Themed Wedding!
  5. Blame It On the Sluts: Nostalgia Critic’s Review of Sailor Moon
  6. Stop Fat Shaming! Episode 4 Feminist Commentary

Top 6 Most Memorable Keywords

  1. why is chibiusa in love with her dad

Why indeed!

2. is sailor moon white


3. tiny evil’s sexiness comes to life

I have no idea what this means–but I am intrigued!

4. sailor moon boobs

Again with the boobs!

5. how much does sailor moon weigh

Actually, this is a really good question. I have no idea!

6. titanime

I dunno, fam. I’m not sure I’d really call Sailor Moon a “tit anime” although I suppose there are some nice tits in the last episode of Sailor Moon Sailor Stars.

Top 6 Visitor City Locations

  1. New York
  2. Los Angeles
  3. Paris
  4. Chicago
  5. San Francisco
  6. London

General Stats for This Past Year

  1. 39,453 page views
  2. 24,904 users
  3. 7 posts

As for some general updates–I’m not sure if the podcast will be continuing, real life has been getting in the way. However, I do have episode 5 on my computer, waiting to be mixed, so I will see if I can get off my tush, and finish that. A lot exciting Sailor Moon news has come out–more Nogizaka46 musicals, a Princess Kaguya musical in 2020, a permanent stage/dinner show called Shining Moon Tokyo, the English dub of Sailor Stars has been released—and, last but not least! Finally word on the Sailor Moon Crystal Dream Act movies–Sailor Moon Crystal: Eternal, releasing in 2020! I’m aiming to visit Japan in the summer 2020 for the Princess Kaguya musical, but we’ll see.

In the meantime, I’ve been pretty active on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. When I’m not writing articles for Shojo Power!, I’m buying Sailor Moon merch and sharing it with you all on these platforms! How are you all doing?

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  • Avatar Anonymoon September 21, 2019, 07:40

    Hey, I just wanted to let you know I’m still here, reading all your posts. I just felt a little awkward being the only one commenting all the time. Have you thought about teaming up with more feminist/Sailor Moon sites for more traffic? I think you teamed up with Anime Feminist before, right? This is a really good blog and I’d hate to see it gather dust.

    Re: Sailor Moon’s weight

    Did you see this great post on Sailor Moon News?


    I love how it addressed both body shaming AND obesity issues, since it feels like you can’t talk about the latter anymore for fear of clashing with the former. I always hated how super-skinny anime girls were getting warned about/stressing over getting “fat” with their perfect supermodel bodies. Especially gross how it started at a young age, usually with boys calling them out on it. (OMG, you’re eating ONE dessert, you’ll totally get FAT!!!1)

    Anyway, you keep up the good work!

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